Conventional sampling systems

  • hammer-type sampler
  • bucket-type sampler
  • stake box (rod box)

When using a hammer-type sampler, the entire cross section of the material shipped on the conveyor belt will be sampled, although this system works only discontinuously and monitors the mass flow merely by taking random samples.
apc analytics offers hammer-type samplers for various conveyor belt dimensions and sample sizes to fans of classic sampling techniques.
In order to sample large mass flows continuously, the installation of a stake box (rod box) is suggested. Here, the samples will drop at a transfer point onto the stake (or rod) box which only takes off a part stream of the material conveyed (or a partial fraction of it). The stake or rod box can be designed flexibly, so as to be able to clear up blockages or to stop the sampling process (e.g. during the overburden production in open-cast lignite mines).

Bulk online analyser sampling techniques