Combination SCOLA

SCOLA is a fully automatic sampling and analyzing system. It realizes a standard conform sampling and bottling as well as a fast measurement of the ingredients contained in the bulk good‘s conveyance stream. Typical locations of SCOLA are conveyor systems, preparation systems and loading systems for custody transfers.



Facts of SCOLA – Example from Schleenhain Mine Germany:


  • Sample taking over the complete cross section of the conveyer belt
  • Sample preparation module can handle high mass flows and huge grain sizes of sampling material
  • Several steps of sample division with adaptable output masses
  • Sample frequency adapts automatically to the tonnage on the belt. Process parameters as sample division proportions can be adjusted to meet the specific standard that need to be fulfilled.
  • Separate sample bottling module included
  • Turn-Key Solution! - Full project responsibility from foundation to steel construction up to intializing