SOLAS® Coal Analyzer (fully automated sampling and analysing system)

Fast Sampling and Analysis


SOLAS is a fully automated sampling and analysing system for the rapid determination of the chemical elemental composition of bulk goods. Typical installations sites in mines, mineral industry, cement plant and power stations industry are conveyor transfers, crushers, loading stations etc.

SOLAS can work as a standalone system and together with additional (or already installed) sampling and preparation systems.




apc analytics manufactures different types of mills, which are all proven in the rough conditions in lignite mines and thermal power plants in 24h/7d shift.


Sampling systems

apc analytics offers different samplers (conventional samplers and unconventional innovative systems) due to the special conditions of each application.


Combination KOLA

The combination of SOLAS with the sample preparation unit of apc analytics.


Combination SCOLA

apc analytics individually complies a system for the customer to meet the country specific sampling standards and to fulfill the customers’ demands.


Sample Bottling Module PAV

Separate module for automatically filling samples in bottles which can be stored or analysed in the laboratory.