Sampling with SOLAS

SOLAS offers several variants for sampling, the easiest and most frequently used being the one included in the SOLAS basic version for pneumatic sampling. In this case, the material to be analysed will be suctioned off a downdraft under a baffle plate at a belt transfer point, a crusher etc. Another option is the use of a conventional sampler (hammer-type sampler, bucket-type sampler etc.) with processing systems (hammer mills) being installed downstream, depending on the initial grain size.

Another piece of well-proven equipment for sampling is the use of a stake box (rod box), where a part of the mass flow is sampled continuously and also channelled to a sample conditioning unit.

All these additional components can be supplied by apc analytics and be included in an over-all system that is perfectly adapted to the customer’s needs. These components are either already included in apc analytics’s modular offer or will be individually designed for the specific conditions of the application.

Sampling techniques

  • tube sampler installed underneath a baffle plate, with the sample being taken straight from the downdraft and being conveyed from here by way of the pneumatic sample transport to SOLAS;
  • from the top of the material on a conveyor belt (requires more or less homogenous materials, sample sizes of less than 30 mm and a continuous mass flow)
  • downstream of a possibly existing conventional sampling/processing system that has been employed in the first place, SOLAS can be used subsequently merely as a high-speed analyser
  • direct sampling from pipelines/air-conveyor troughs for powder-like substances
  • in combination with a continuously operating sampling & processing system (stake box)
  • in combination with a discontinuously operating sampling & processing system